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well it's one for the money, two for the show

three to get ready--now go, cat, go!

12 December
Hihi, my name is Vee and you have stumbled upon my LJ ♥

I'm from Texas, and I go to a few anime conventions around here, so there is always the possibility that we have have met/will meet if cons are your thing.

I read a lot, draw a lot, write a lot, RP a lot, and forget that the internet exists sometimes. So...if I disappear, I'm sorry! I'll be back eventually, promise!

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art, being lost without lost, derive those curves bb, dressing like homeless trailer-trash, facebox, finding change in stairwells, hating apogee, history, i'll anne hath-your-way, making own turn lanes, peanut-butter-pickle sandwiches, starbucks everyday at cons, taking showers at 4am, texas, writing